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Standard Error Channel
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There is a comprehensive range of line study tools in BullCharts. Our innovative line study menus mean you can quickly access every study, while still being able to see meaningful names for each study - rather than just an icon like other programs. Yet another feature to save you time and make life easier.

General purpose studies such as lines are provided for you to draw levels of support and resistance, as well as trends. In addition, many studies are provided to help you implement a specific trading strategy, such as Gann, Fibonacci, count back, and regression tools.

Line Drawing Tools

Line - Horizontal

Line - Infinite

Line - Interval

Line - Parallel

Line - Ray

Line - Semi Log

Line - Vertical

Cross Hairs

Gann Tools

Gann Fan

Gann Grid

Gann Line

Gann Retracements

Gann Square

Gann Angle

Fibonacci Tools

Fibonacci Arcs

Fibonacci Circles

Fibonacci Fan

Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Time Zones

Fischer’s Ellipse

Levels Tools

Price Extensions

Price Retracements

Time Extensions

Time Retracements

Price Time Label Box

Time Series

Cycle Tools

Cycle Lines

Cycle Analysis

Single Cycle Lines


Percent Ruler

Value Ruler

Time Ruler

Regression Tools

Linear Regression

Raff Regression

Standard Deviation Channel

Standard Error Channel

Data Range Tools

Compound Candle

Quadrant Levels

Range Info

Tirone Levels

Geometric Tools


Parabolic Arc


Sine Wave



Andrews’s Pitchfork

Count Back Lines

Speed Resistance

Wormald Triangle

Icon Graphic Symbols

Trading Note Text Tool