BullCharts User Groups

BullCharts User Groups

Here you can find information about various training resources - both for BullCharts specifically and for stock-market trading in general.

Australian BullCharts User Group

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Monthly online webinar meetings:

Who can join in: All BullCharts users are welcome to participate.

Dates: Vary from month to month, but normally one week after the Melbourne meeting.

How it works: Register to attend several days before the webinar. On the day, connect to the webinar web site to see presentation slides and hands-on use of BullCharts, AND use Skype software for telephone conferencing and discussion.

More details and dates: Visit www.robertbrain.com/events/webinars/

Melbourne Monthly meeting:

Meeting Dates: From January 2013, the second Wednesday of each month. Please contact the moderator for details.

Time: 7.30pm in the Function Room or 6pm for dinner, drinks and chat in the Bistro. All welcome.
Meeting Place:
Leighoak Hotel
555 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh
(corner Atkinson Street, Melway map 69 G6 - parking at rear)

User Group Moderator:
Robert Brain
Mobile: 0438-355-910
Email: robertb@bullcharts.com.au

BullCharts Training:
Personal and small group training in BullCharts is available. Please contact the moderator for times and rates.

More User Group Resources:
See more details on the web:

BullCharts User Groups - Start your own!

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If wish to start your own informal group of BullCharts users interested in discussing the market and trading techniques. We will help put you in contact with users in your area.
Brendon Lansdowne
Phone: 02-9495-8400
Email: info@bullsystems.com